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It was ‘epic’, 5 days and 4 nights in the colombian jungle. It hurt every bone and muscle in our bodies but my god was it worth it. Not only were the ruins mysterious and amazing, but the journey was really what made it special. The trek at times was ‘slightly’ dangerous, one foot wrong and you could literaly plummet to your death. Lisa had a close one when she slipped and tumbled on the steps to the lost city, luckily she managed to dig her knee in and stop herself otherwise it would have been over 600 steps to the bottom and we were half way down!

Day One was without a doubt the hardest, it started with a 3 hour car ride, 2 of which were spent having our bones shook as we went through possibly the worst potholed roads ever. The jeep was driven by a cowboy (see pict below) who drove us up the road with one hand on the wheel and another out the window. The jeeps back door was held closed by a piece of rope but thats just the Colombian way, it has a certain amount of risk attached to doing anything. On arrival at base camp we then had an ‘epic’ 3 hour hike uphill that took every last ounce of effort to not turn around and just leave. Then another 2 hours in darkness to our first camp. Food and hammocks awaited us along with the most well deserved cold beer that we’ve ever had 🙂

Day Two

Day Three

Day 4 – The Lost City


It’s a bit grey, it rains a lot, there’s roadworks everywhere, its chaotic, hectic, crazy and noisy but within Bogota there’s something that’s still a work in progress. It has heart and spirit but it just needs to be developed properly to sit alongside its richer and more historical cousins of Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro. We had a lovely 3 days spent around the town and outward to Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.

Last night we tagged along with Lily from our Hostel, Lagoa Guesthouse and she brought us along to one of the dance schools carnival practice. If this was just the practice then – Oh, my god Carnaval this year is going to be mental!

Anyone fancy heading to Rio in March?

Sea, sand and a backdrop of lush tropical jungle. Trindade has a laid back beach vibe, you can’t help but casually falling into their relaxed way of life. Just sit back and relax…

Once we starting coming closer to the falls you could really notice a kind of tropical climate the land became lush more hills forests very different from the argentian landscape which on the north of the country was very flat with large plains of farmed land.

Somethings you can just never be prepared for. The size and scale of these amazing falls just took our breath away. The photos never do it justice without the wall of noise coming from the falls. Check out the video at the bottom it just about shows the scale of this place.

Check out the size of this bad boy. Largest Cactus in Argentina! It’s over 10m tall and for the first 5 years they grow at a rate of 3-5cm per year then it slows down and only grows at a rate of 1-2cm per year, that means that this cactus has been here for hundreds of years!

Beautiful old doorway at one of the train stations of the train to the clouds.

Salinas Grandes – a beautiful wonder high in the Andes, we were quite lucky to be able to get up to see it. For several days before we went most of the roads were closed due to landslides (common in the wet season) but made it all the more of an adventure to get up to see it.

4170m high, so far this is as high as we’ve ever been, insert endless jokes here – just keep chewing those cocoa leaves 😉

Our driver got a great kick out of bringing us down this road, twisting, turning, always close to death – it’s one that we’d rather not do again!

Salta – The Lowdown

We spent five lush nights in salta in a hotel a really nice one for for just a little more thab the price of a hostel,its name was Hotel del Antiguo Convento the hotel was lovely and staff were very helpfull the one  fall back was we had to eat out a lot and the budget got a bit of a hammering, although we filled up in the breakfast had loads of cake and croissants and toast they had a lovely breakfast that we served to you !!


The first night in salta we ate out on their beautiful main sqaure, very european looking square with a couple of what looked like band stands and loads of planting and trees. We finished off dinner with some wine and headed over to one side of the square where there was a traditional dance session taking place the band were traditionally dressed and then random couples went out dancing intricate dances myself and al were amazed at the precission of their technique. The music itself was some what like Irish traditional a lot fiddle and strings but it had a real rithym. We headed off to the another district a couple of blocks away and then we stumbelled into a really lovely reastaurent that was like an old style Georgian Dublin house, where people were eating in different rooms, very chick and boudoir looking the bathroom had hand painted flowers on the walls and the bath was full of freash flower heads in water very pretty, we headed out the back where there was tables outside, and some couples were practicing tango to what sounded like a grainy record player which later we figured that it was an ipod 😉 . We decided to have a bottle of wine, and soak up the music.

Day Two – We took the cable cart up to the top of the mountain behind salta the veiws were amazing we had a fruit lunch and watched the clouds go by, then we noticed that there was thunder heading our way so after an hour or so we headed back down to the town.  We walked around the town and picked up some dvds for cheap around four for two euro, although not the best quality, that night we watched the tourist it was good interesting twist at the end .

Day Three  – Took a trip to Humawacca see other post for photos.

Day Four  – We went exploring again and travelling in a 4 x 4 to Salinas Grandes see other post for photos.

Day Five – Was a lazy day that ended with a bit of a exciting towards the end it rained and rained and the streets flooded our electric was cut in the hotel, and we had a candle lit dinner with a lovely french couple from Bordeaux in a local style restaurant and Alan had a massive steak and was as happy as a pig in shite.

Headed for Iguazu the next day on Fletcha Bus – 23 hour Journey – NIce !