A quick flight and we arrived into Tarija, Bolivias wine region to sample the best of what they had to offer. Bolivias wine is very much under rated and we got our teeth into some excellent wine for some knock down prices. Even some of their most expensive wines were only costing about B$68 (€6.80) and some other great wines for as little as B$40 (€4) and this was drinking it in an expensive restaurant. We came to Tarija for Al’s birthday too and had a great night out. For the entire 3 days that we were there we ate in the same restaurant for breakfast and dinner, it was amazing food and brilliant service – not something that we were used to in bolivia!

On sunday, we headed out to the wine region to Valle de la Conception to do a little wine tasting in the local family owned Bodegas. The area was beautiful and steeped in a long history of wine production. We tried all that they had to offer, but the wines were all a little sweet for our palette.