Hoi An, a pretty little city.
We came to Hoi An for the clothes and came away from it with one of our favourite places in Vietnam. When we arrived we headed straight for the tailors, Hoi An has between 200 & 500 different tailors around the town. Its the capital of copies when in comes to clothes, as we browsed through Armani, Vivien Westwood, Gucci latest collections in the hope of a cut price knock off. Of course we seccumed and ended up getting 3 winter jackets, one suit, one dress and one shirt, all hopefully slowly crossing the ocean en route to Ireland by now.
The town is a UNESCO world heritage site, quiet quant streets had us wandering around for hours in this sleepy fishing town. It was one of the few cities spared the worst of the war, As there was agreement on both sides not to bomb the town. This has kept much of the architecture intact like the old Chinese gathering houses and the famous japanese bridge. We really enjoyed our stay here while waiting on our clothes to be made. Mammy Bernie please look out for a box in the post. While waiting we enjoyed the Hoi An Cuisene at a little gem of a place cafe 43 where we had beers for 10cent and local dishs our favourite was the Coa Loa a fat rice noddle dish with tofu or pork and fresh herbs and lettuce yum yum !! Great for any time of the day but this is typically served as breakfast.