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Pronounced Medejin by the locals, this one time had the ominous title of Most murderous city in the World. When Scitterios (Hitmen on Motorbike) roamed the city streets with a price for each dead policeman or judge that they kill.  Between these and the on-going feud between the Pablo Escobar cartel and the Cali-cartel that resulted in hundreds of car bombs and executions, you can understand why it got the nick name.

Thankfully life is returning to somewhat normality. The city boast beautiful plazas filled with amazing art by Botero and boasts colombias only Metro Rail system (Although rumoured to have been started with Drug money from Escobars cartel. )

We came into Medellin as a mid point stop on our way to Cali to catch a flight. We were only meant to stay for 1 night and ended up staying 3 days. A beautiful city that captures you very quickly with its warm and inviting people (Although they do stare at you on the Metro, but in a nice way – they want to see foreign tourists but they are not used to seeing us)

We spent the first day exploring the city, the next day then the museums and the following day with hit the Water Park! For a little bit of aqua fun. Typically though it rained within an hour of us getting there and they started to close some of the slides down. But we got our share of fun in before we had to go.

Medellin – highly recommended! Off to Cali then for our flight to Quito.


Mud Volcano + Lisa & Alan = Messy

So we took a quick day trip before leaving Cartagena to a local Mud Volcano… it was interesting to say the least. Warm mud that floats you better than water. The mud itself was a weird texture, consistency of wet cement with bits floating in it – we didn’t want to ask what the bits were!



After the long trek we needed a few days to just relax and do nothing, so we headed to Taganga about 20 minutes outside of Santa Marta to kick back, chill out and rest those tired bones.

It was ‘epic’, 5 days and 4 nights in the colombian jungle. It hurt every bone and muscle in our bodies but my god was it worth it. Not only were the ruins mysterious and amazing, but the journey was really what made it special. The trek at times was ‘slightly’ dangerous, one foot wrong and you could literaly plummet to your death. Lisa had a close one when she slipped and tumbled on the steps to the lost city, luckily she managed to dig her knee in and stop herself otherwise it would have been over 600 steps to the bottom and we were half way down!

Day One was without a doubt the hardest, it started with a 3 hour car ride, 2 of which were spent having our bones shook as we went through possibly the worst potholed roads ever. The jeep was driven by a cowboy (see pict below) who drove us up the road with one hand on the wheel and another out the window. The jeeps back door was held closed by a piece of rope but thats just the Colombian way, it has a certain amount of risk attached to doing anything. On arrival at base camp we then had an ‘epic’ 3 hour hike uphill that took every last ounce of effort to not turn around and just leave. Then another 2 hours in darkness to our first camp. Food and hammocks awaited us along with the most well deserved cold beer that we’ve ever had 🙂

Day Two

Day Three

Day 4 – The Lost City

It’s a bit grey, it rains a lot, there’s roadworks everywhere, its chaotic, hectic, crazy and noisy but within Bogota there’s something that’s still a work in progress. It has heart and spirit but it just needs to be developed properly to sit alongside its richer and more historical cousins of Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro. We had a lovely 3 days spent around the town and outward to Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.