We were due to fly out on the 22nd of June from Santiago, they were getting ready for their snow season and it was getting cold freezing, so we were happy to get out of Santiago but due to the ash cloud this was not going to happen. The next available flight direct to Auckland was the 6th July 2 weeks away weather permitting. So Quantas proposed a little detour flying Santiago – Miami – 9 hours plus airport plus Stop-over 4hours, Miami – Los Angelus 7 hours plus full day airport stop-over from 10am – 12 midnight. So we took advantage of that stop over and headed into Hollywoood for the day checked out the stars and kodak centre it was hot very hot.

LA is exactly like the movies, the Hollywood Boulevard strip itself was so commercial and the kodak centre where the academy awards are held is a shopping centre. From the top of the centre we could see the infamous HOLLYWOOD sign which was kinda cool if not a bit surreal with our jet lagged heads. Slightly tired we had a couple of beers and relaxed in a lovely beer garden just off the strip. The next flight was LA- Sydney 14 hours airport stop-over 1 day and 1 night. We arrived in Sydney and our connecting flight to Auckland was cancelled, Quantas our now favourite airline put us up in a fab hotel in the city where all the cool people hang out postitutes and dealers in KIngs Cross, Quantas booked us in for two nights and plan was to sleep the first day and then check out Sydney the second day, but on the eve of the first night we were told that we were booked on a morning flight out of Sydney. Shame we didn’t get to see much of Sydney ah well there is always next time!!

Last leg of the detour Sydney to Auckland 3 hours. At last New Zealand is in sight.