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We moved to Santiago for the weekend and checked into a hostel called The Princessa Insolente, a brand new and really cool place. The beds were comfy and they had lovely duvets (it’s the little things that matter after 5 months of travelling!) the staff were really nice and the place had a lovely laid back vibe. We arrived in for Friday nights BBQ night and in true chilean style there was slabs of meat lashed on the BBQ, with a few peppers thrown on for the veggies too.

Net morning we got up early to do the Free Walking tour of Santiago, this was brilliant. It was the best way to see the city and we instantly got our bearings and all the history around as we wandered through the city. The tour was great too as we would stop off at all the various street food vendors and he’d explain what everything was and show us the best places to eat and drink around town. One of the highlights was the most amazing ice cream parlors thats we’d ever been too. Its selection of flavours we scrumtous, from stawberry and mint, to orange chocolate, to cookies and cream made our mouths water and we came back the next day to sample all 😉

We spent 4 days here in Santiago and since we had time to kill before our flight out, we headed off too Mendoza in Argentina (8hrs by bus)