Hue was the capital of Vietnams imperial past. The Old citadel surrounded by a moat and huge walls protected the imperial palace, within the walls of the palace stands another citadel used only by the family and entourage of the imperial court known as the purple city. The city is flanked by the perfume river which is a handy orientation point for any new visitor. We got brave one day and decieded to do a motor cycle tour (we weren’t driving) and we were whipped around the city and it sights by 2 young fellas on the back of their bikes. It was great fun and it got us to experience whats its like to drive a bike in vietnam – bleedin’ crazy! They don’t stop for red lights, the drift along on the wrong side of the road and just kept beeping at everything. But still we arrived back alive at the end of the day, TG for that.